After we process the payment you will get a link on the screen where you can download the software.

We will follow two steps:

1. Extract the file and put it inside of a folder and set security

2. Install the software to run like a service in the background

Please extract the software on a folder on root like:

C:\MyRDPFirewall or C:\RunFirewal or whatever name you want

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

Set NTFS security to only admin to access this folder:

Then you will need to download a software to create a service

Please extract the software and go to the folder win64 and from cm you will need to run the command:

nssm install MyRDPFirewall and press enter:

Please type the location of the folder where you set saved MyRDPFirewall and set the security:

Then click on the Details tap and make sure you write down the display name MyRDPFirewall and the startup type is Automatic

After you click “Install Service” please make sure the service started and then leave it running.

You can check your Windows Firewall