Five basic steps to secure your Zoom meeting

Most of us are working remotely and we begin a new dynamic having meetings using Zoom, for some of us this application is new and suddenly we begin to hear bad news, some hackers were able to logon to a meeting without invitation and creating a series o problems, etc.

I will show you five steps how to increase the security on your meetings.

1. Create waiting Rooms for attendees

This means that every body you invited and sent the link and any other person you did not invited and somebody sent him/her the link as soon they go to the meeting will be placed on the waiting room.

If the host or co-host recognize the user in the waiting room them will allow the entrance.

You can set it up for all your meetings: Your account > Settings > In Meeting (Advance)

2. Require host to be present before meeting start

Some of us we set schedule meeting and sent the link in our Outlook invitation. If you require the host to be present you will have full control who can go in to the meeting

You can set it up for all your meetings: Your account > Settings > Schedule Meeting

THIS HAS TO BE DISABLED, like the picture:

3. Lock the meeting

If you know if all your participants are in the meeting then you can proceed to Lock the meeting and do not allow more users to go in, you can do it from your application when the meeting is in process:

4. Allow screen sharing to hosts only

Yes, this is a little extreme and doesn’t look like you do not want to collaborate in the meeting, however several times when the wrong person went in to the meeting can begin to share some bad pictures you would wish to set it up to stop this happen in your meeting, the settings are simple:

You can set it up for all your meetings: Your account > Settings > In Meeting (Basic)

5. Password protect a meeting

Yea, your meeting will have your password all the time, this is the most basic security.


Online meetings are good and I saw several members of my team participating more in the meetings, they are dynamic and you get good results and goes to the point, just follow basic steps to protect your Zoom meetings.

Happy Day

Raul Flores

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