Stop dictionary attack or brute force attack to your servers using our Intrusion Prevention system.

Every server you connect to internet and has the RDP port open (Remote Desktop port open) is under attack using dictionary attack to guess any username and password combination (brute force attack), the attacker uses a botnet to attack your servers until get a right username and password.

You have four options to protect your server:

  1. Use VPN to your network and not open Remote Desktop port
  2. Force everybody to use complex password and change it often (Difficult to enforce because of user resitance)
  3. Check every day Windows event logs, detect the IP addresses that is attacking your server and write those IP addresses on your firewall (time consuming and human error)
  4. Use our intrusion detection system named MyRDPRirewall to stop any dictionary attack

How our MyRDPFirewall works?

Our program checks Windows Event logs for wrong username and password, extract the IP address of the device sending wrong passwords and then create a rule on Windows Firewall to stop that IP address for 5 minutes, then the system keep checking for wrong username and password.

It is very fast, small foot print and simple. This will reduce the surface attack to your server and increase security. The Pro version has a learning module, this module check how many times the IP address is sending the attack and then permanently block those IP addresses. The light version only check the last IP addresses and then set the firewall rules to block for the next 5 minutes.

Download the free version to test

Please check our support page for instructions how to install it, we have installation service and the license is free when we install it.

Windows OS supported:

Windows: 2019/2012/2008/10

Perpetual License Price $56.00

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